Eye Of Sauron Stainless Steel Ring, Red / 11


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* Note:? F or? m ade to o rder ?items, please allow?20-30 working days crafting time;? For? back?order ?items,?please allow 14 working days crafting time . Bold and eye-catching, this Eye Of Sauron ring is one that will appeal to anyone with an interest in science fiction. The eyeballs impressive glare stands, uninterrupted, and follows you around the room. Alongside this, the pointed and skeleton fingers grip their find strongly – seemingly refusing to let it go in any circumstance. This men’s stainless steel ring is one for the man looking to break the mold when choosing unique and striking accessories. ;Size: about?21.8 mm* 25 mm ;Weight: about?17.6?g? ;Material: Stainless Steel . Eye Of Sauron Stainless Steel Ring, Red / 11